Affordable and User-Friendly Online Tiffin Service Management Software

  • June 16, 2023
  • Diksha

Tired of the Daily Chaos of Managing Orders on WhatsApp?

Are you running or want to start your own online food delivery service?

Don't wait; we are here to help you fulfill all your needs with the ultimate Tiffin Service Management Solution!


Now it is possible through our fully tested and best-in-class Tiffin Service Management Software. The purpose of this software is to automate the tiffin food service and provide all the entities, such as the user, admin, and delivery partner, with a smart platform to interact with each other to speed up faster service that helps increase the number of orders per day.

Our software will provide better operations with well-organised online delivery structures to maintain customer relationships, online payment gateways, delivery services, monthly subscription plans, and many more.

As we know nowadays, many people, whether they belong to the student profession, do corporate jobs, or are away from home in other cities, prefer to eat food that is home-made.

It's a fact that food prepared at home is cheaper, and it is a basic necessity for everybody. Most of them are dependent on other people for food. So, to avoid all obstacles with the aim of providing food safely and quickly at customers' doors,

-This software is flexible enough to serve the desired items for customers' breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a reasonable price, and users can choose or customize tiffins according to their ease.

-With our subscription model, they can either pay on a daily or monthly basis.

Making your tiffin service easy with our online tiffin management cum e-commerce software gives you the freedom to customize your operations and allows your customers to make orders as per their schedule.

-Get them free from traditional methods to acquire a modern revenue model for your tiffin business.
-Step up with the digital era.
-Get rid of boring paperwork.
-Increase customers
-Cover a wider service radius than offline service.

Don’t worry about the operations and management; they will be automatically operated every day by software. Leave all your manual work to our Tiffin Service Management Software and Mobile App, and you can focus on your good food.

India’s Best Tiffin Software Solutions that cater to your food business enable it to get more customers with improved online reach, earn customer loyalty with increased credibility, and boost sales every day.

Let’s have a look at features that make us unique among other software. These are:

1) User-Friendly Interface:

A responsive and easy-to-use option allows for easier adaptation of functionality and can offer results faster.

2) Menu Management and Pricing Updates

This feature allows businesses to easily add, remove, or modify menu items and multiple categories, such as lunch, dinner, etc., as well as update pricing information in real time. Admins can also create a subscription model to generate bills weekly or monthly for the customer.

3) Customer and Order Management

You can easily keep track of customer orders, set shipping charges, manage delivery information, and quickly access customer information to provide better customer service.

4) Real-Time Order Tracking

With this feature, customers can see the current status of their order, including when it has been received, prepared, and is out for delivery because of the integration with the delivery partner app.

5) Payment Integration for Seamless Transactions

Now overcome your accounting efforts and manage online payments securely. Now you can get a sorted record of weekly, monthly, and yearly payments received.

6) Reporting and Analytics

You can generate all required reports that are a priority to running the business smoothly, such as customer details, total orders, transactions, delivery partner income, and much more!

Now it’s time to automate your online tiffin operation and let your clients customize a schedule according to their needs with our Best Tiffin Service Management Software in India.

  • Deliverables:

 1) Admin Panel

A well-organised and streamlined administration module helps run the business smoothly and profitably. Admins can flawlessly manage orders, customers, payments, and plans, edit them when required, and export and import instantly.

2) Customer Web Portal

The neat and clean, user-friendly customer portal allows customers to view the menu, choose, order, and select instant or monthly plans to pay bills quickly from anywhere, anytime.

3) Customer Mobile App

 Along with the customer web portal, we also provide a custom app to experience a hassle-free ordering process within minutes from anywhere, anytime. Customers can easily register and select food item packages according to their daily needs. It can be categorized into various categories, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or it can be customized according to needs.

 4) Delivery Partner App

Through the delivery app, you can manage your delivery person's activities, such as how many orders they have completed, rejected, or cancelled, set the fare per delivery, manage their monthly or weekly billing, and much more!

It's all about what makes us India's most affordable Tiffin Service Management System Software.

What are you waiting for? Let’s kick off your business to the next height through ultimate Tiffin Software designed by Adiyogi Technosoft Pvt. Ltd.

  • Improves your terms with customers, increases online orders, and streamlines the delivery process—all easy and hassle-free just from your smartphone.

  • Restaurant, online food business, or tiffin service—be it any kind of food business, we have designed the structure of our software in a manner to support all patterns of food delivery businesses.

  • With special modules like order management, dispatch and delivery, delivery app integration, e-menu, scheduling, billing and payment, and more, you can now manage your food business like a pro.