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School Management System

School Management System

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Fully customized School Administration software

Managing a school is no easy task, every record is crucial because it's related to education and the future depends on that only. To set proper management, you need to be active in each activity that is being done by anyone in your school, it can be related to teacher, student, administration, and what parents think.

Adiyogi Technosoft - IT Company in Jodhpur created its own schooling web portal that brings all of these processes into a single application, where you can manage them as one online record book rather than a hundred to handle each task separately.

Keep students, teachers, and parents on the same page record with customized dashboards and email/SMS notifications on the web.

What we provide:

  1. Admin: Everything is managed by one panel

  • Add/ Delete student, teacher, holidays, and event details and see their total counts.
  • Add/delete teacher record
  • Add/ delete student record
  • Track student fee details and payment info
  • Add/ update staff salary
  • Track student and staff attendance on a daily basis
  • Update holiday list
  • Birthday reminders of students and staff if any
  • Upload time table
  • Library management
  • Track result
  • Transportation details

Overview: Manage student, teacher, and parent details in one place to look at their daily activity, teachers can add their course content, see student performance every week/month/yearly. And make academic year calendars, get personalized course timetables for every grade and faculty member, organize PTAs, and more.

   2) Teachers:  Add value to effortless education systems

  • Teach better with tools that simplify everyday tasks.
  • Upload and collect assignments online,
  • track attendance,
  • publish lesson notes, etc.
  • You'll be able to send important notices to students and parents with in-app email and push notifications.

   3) Students: Empower students to achieve their future goals

  • Students can see about extracurricular activities,
  • Announcements,
  • Get notifications regarding any holiday, event, etc,
  • Check their performance reports through their own portal,
  • Submit assignments, fill out teacher evaluations,
  • Download study material
  • And apply for leave. And many more!!

Why Choose - Adiyogi Technosoft?

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  • Simple Navigation
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  • Well planned Layout
  • Highly affordable
  • Easily manageable

Support System - IT Company in Jodhpur

We can help you to achieve your goal and step up toward success to make a unique reputation in the market and beat your competitors to increase sales and revenue. We are the leading Web Development Company in Jodhpur having an expertise testing and support team that will give lifetime support and help in resolving bugs in the future.

We are happy to assist you, our team is available to solve your queries anytime. You can contact us via WhatsApp, Call and Mail whatever is easy for you. Also, take a live demo of our products and give your opinion, that is valuable for us.

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