E-Commerce Web and App

E-Commerce Web and App

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Plan to start your own Ecommerce business?

If you have an offline store and want to sell products online for that, an ecommerce website & application is the best platform to showcase your products in front of worldwide users. Buyers visit these platforms to purchase products according to their needs. Such as:

  • Buyers can check the product list and price
  • They can also apply coupon codes or purchase at a discounted rate
  • They will add their needy products to the cart and get them at their delivery address
  • Available multiple online payment options to pay instant
  • Easily track their order status and also they can schedule delivery time and date according to their acceptance time.

Ecommerce platforms make it possible to sell anything, anytime and anywhere in the globe without having a physical shop or any other resources.

Features and Functions that we provide?

1. Admin Panel

  • Tracking and Managing all Orders
  • Add/delete Product Detail
  • Manage Customer Details
  • Manage payment methods
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Organize with Collections
  • Manage all your Customers in one place.
  • See all Analytics
  • Generate Discount Codes
  • Manage Settings & Configuration
  • Shipping Methods
  • Database Backup & Restore Options
  • Send Notification alert
  • Manage Locations

2. Website & Mobile App: For Customers

  • View all product lists with the price tag
  • See all offers & discounted product
  • Manage basic profile details
  • Add to cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Select live location
  • Select payment mode
  • Apply to refer/promo code
  • Easily contact with delivery partner
  • Live order delivery tracking
  • Raise a ticket or call customer care if facing any issue
  • Download order receipt

Note:  And many more features we can add as per your business requirements.


  • Web Portal: For Admin
  • Mobile App & Website: For Customers

How Having a Website and App Can Benefit Your Business?

  • Don’t need a physical store anymore
  • An E-commerce store can be opened for any new order 24/7
  • No matter if a holiday or working day, people can buy whatever they want and check everything online
  • The target audience is no more just regional, it becomes national or even international
  • An e-commerce store requires less staff because the entire process is automated
  • Communication with customers also becomes easy and effective
  • Crate offers to acquire new customers and addon some extra for the existing customers
  • You don’t need big investments, just invest some amount in platform development.

Everything will work when we have perfect planning for execution. We Adiyogi Technosoft - an IT company in Jodhpur have an experienced team that helps in the implementation and execution of your idea into reality.

Why Choose - Adiyogi Technosoft?

Web and application is the primary resource to sell your product, but along with digital marketing and SEO is a must for increasing revenue. We are also a fastest growing Digital Marketing Company in Jodhpur.

Adiyogi Technosoft is Jodhpur’s leading software development company! – Expert in development, Digital marketing, and advanced web and mobile solutions. With over 12+ years of experienced team, we have worked for clients that include individuals, startups, and organizations.

We have a group of teams to manage all work in an excellent way.

  • Dedicated Team
  • Teamwork and beliefs in outcomes
  • Familiar with any kind of software tools

E-commerce mobile apps have become an important medium for getting new customers, sales, conversion, profit, and acquiring new customers.

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